Is Windows 10 Pro The Right Choice?

Microsoft has always given a tough competition to its competitors and always introduces the latest technology for its varied users. The Windows 10 home introduced by Microsoft has been loved by plenty of its users and is a complete package in itself. But, the need for a professional and the business environment are complex and divergent altogether. The latest version of Windows Pro is the professional version that aims to repose the business complexities and provides its professionals to achieve the work satisfaction to its fullest levels.

Though windows 10 homes come with all the advanced features, if you are a professional and looking to catalyze your vigorous business goals, Windows 10 Pro key is the ideal purchase! Let us consider a few of the thrilling features which this professional version of Windows has to offer!

Bitlocker feature

The Bitlocker feature available in this professional version allows one to additional security and help to protect your important data with the encryption and secure facility. Bitlocker uses the blockchain mode and encrypts the data for its safe use and prevent from any unauthorized users.

Remote Log-in

While you are away from your desktop, the work should not hinder and stop. The remote log-in feature allows its users to log in with Remote Desktop to sign in and carry uninterrupted work from another desktop while at home or work.

Client Hyper-V:

Client Hyper V is a virtualization technology on which multiple virtual machines can run. It basically allows you to run more than one operating system on the same host computer at the same time. It ensures multitasking and a great option for those who wish to continue testing Insider builds without risking their main system

Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG)

The professional version of Windows through its WDAG feature enables a safe and secure browsing experience. WDAG feature is a container which provides a temporary contained environment for the users to experience the internet. After the user logs off, the container refreshes, and the malware and the harmful content doesn’t persist. It is useful to prevent data exploitation, theft and piracy, and web-based malware.

Other exciting features

The professional version of the Windows comes with varied exciting features that help a professional explore a variety of options. The features like Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE), Group Policy Management, Domain Join and various others are worth exploring.

Windows 10 pro definitely gets an edge over the other versions, since it makes the professional as well as personal work lot more convenient and efficient!

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