How is CRM an Important Part of Digital Dealership Model?

Without competition, the market cannot sustain, especially for car dealers. Nowadays, people do their own due diligence online in order to purchase a car, so auto dealerships need to act promptly and evolve their business on a digital scale to stay in the competition. Let’s admit it, the audience is changing which is in turn, forcing the dealerships to become more tech savvy and connected to their customer base digitally to stay relevant. And the only way to stay relevant is by ensuring to prioritize customer experience as numero uno. And this can only be achieved by investing in Auto Dealership Software CRM. Refer to this checklist to ensure that your auto dealership has the right CRM.

  • Customers expect instant follow up to reach out online and they also expect to interact with your auto dealership online throughout the sales process.

  • Ensure that your dealership is equipped with an integrated CRM solution that lets the manager to distribute and track leads and letting your sales team to follow up promptly from their phones.
  • Establish sales team work plans – Ensure that the entire auto dealership is productive with a CRM system that emphasizes on scheduling reminders for follow up emails, calls or texts. Steer clear from bells and whistles that are not used on a daily basis and add more to the costs.
  • Always stay in touch with your ex customers when it comes to annual birthday wishes, trade in incentives and tailored drip marketing interactions in order to keep the digital vibe alive.
  • Mobile and social CRM – The auto dealerships that are using a mobile CRM normally increases the fresh ups by 20 to 25 percent! Mobile sales team tool lets you run deals easily via phones when they are on a go. They always stay in touch with the leads that renders them productive by all means.

  • Ensure that your CRM has primary features that speed up the deal with seamless data entry like equipped with scanners to scan the driver’s license.
  • Record and handle all the opportunities – There must be many missed leads that could have been a big deal for your auto dealership. CRM helps in taking control of these leads and managing your sales cycle with a streamlined dashboard in your CRM that emphasizes on prompt actions needed to close the deals.

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