Best SEO Practices Suggested by Google to Rank Your Website Better

Know that merely publishing unique content is not enough, but it needs to stand out and the only way to achieve this is by user engagement, means comments, tweets, likes etc. This is important as the social signals impact your Google rankings a lot. For instance, there are two different websites competing for a better ranking with a particular keyword. One of them has 50 comments, 100 likes and 25 tweets and the other page has no response or any kind of social media mentions. So, it is quite obvious that the website with the ranking signal is deemed more useful for the users. As search engines tend to display the page that is most helpful for the users, they will choose a page that is proven with the help of user engagement to be more essential. Want your website ranking to be better? Call us now for the best SEO services ever.

Always follow the Google webmaster guidelines

Albeit, Google always keep the webmasters notified on any violated guidelines they made, but it is always a good practice to never do it in the first place. In order to steer clear from such mess, it is better to learn and understand Google webmaster guidelines and prevent implementation of any shortcuts to try being too good to be true tricks you may find on the internet. Always take some time and pay heed to their guidelines and hope for the best.

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