3 Ways to Gain Good Ranking by SEO and Blogging

  1. Always keep the number of links under 100 on a webpage

This may hold true for design and user experience purposes, but not for search purposes. Google also suggests this because it can also only index up to 100 kb of a page which is tantamount to 100 links. When you don’t, Google deems you as a spammer.

  1. Create hub pages

Probably the best way to remove your content from the archives and delivering SEO value to your site is by having a hub page ready that features your best content. This is because, it is essential for user experience, but also keeps your old pages alive, hence, giving a low performing page some significance to the search engines. Hence, hiring an SEO Company In Singapore Can Improve Your Business and your performance as well.

  1. Limit your ad space

When designing a blog for SEO, you need to limit the number of ads in use. If you don’t, it will slow down the load time which negatively impacts your traffic. People also hate ads when a site is loaded with too many ads. If you really want to use some, then have a look at your analytics to ascertain the top three performing ads and remove the rest.

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